The Practice of Muslim Family Law in Nigeria


The Practice of Muslim Family Law in Nigeria, is, no doubt, one of the most comprehensive books on Muslim personal law which specifically addresses its practice in Nigeria. Although I did not write any new chapter as I did in the second edition, such as Circumstantial Evidence and Islamic Procedural Law for Absent Parties, contained in chapters Seven and Eight respectively, I expanded on a number of the chapters therein such as Islamic Law of Evidence and Procedurals, Marriage and Inheritance. More recent, cases were cited to illustrate some principles of Islamic Law particularly in the distribution of estates.

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The book should be a standard material for teachers and students of Islamic Law in schools, especially in tertiary institutions and for all members of the Nigerian Bar towards their understanding of Sharia Judges and the practice and procedure in their courts, especially in the light of the 1999 Constitution, section 33(13) which granted legal practitioners the right to appeal before any court or tribunal.


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