The Nigerian Constitutional Law


This book is a thorough and comprehensive text on Nigerian Constitutional law, structure of the country, the powers and functions of government, the rights and duties of individuals, and the remedies for unconstitutional acts.

The book begins with an introduction chapter, where reader introduced to constitutional law and the issues with which it is concerned.

The text, which covers all aspects of constitutional law in Nigeria, is written in simple, clear and flowing style. It offers a thorough and solid knowledge of constitutional law, its principles, the powers and functions of government and public authorities, the rights and duties of individuals and the remedies for unconstitutional acts.

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This informative and comprehensive text is a basic resource book and an invaluable companion for all law students, other students offering it as a subject, lecturers, the Bar and the Bench, all law enforcement personnel, public officers, all citizens of Nigeria, and all persons who want a comprehensive and sound knowledge of the internal structure of Nigeria, its government and Constitutional Law.


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