The International Court of Justice and Bakassi Judgement


This book emanates from the desire to carefully evaluate and put in proper viewpoint the International Court of Justice judgement regarding the territorial dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria over their land and maritime frontiers commonly called the “Bakassi dispute”. In particular, it aims at providing answers to questions bordering on the main issues of the case, the law applied, the use of diplomacy and politic in the eventual resolution of the dispute.

Accordingly, the book puts the Bakassi dispute in perspective by evaluating all the normative instruments cited and used by the court. Furthermore, the entire case as made out by Cameroon and Nigeria as contained in their Memorial, Counter-Memorial, Reply and Rejoinder was legally weighed.

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The contents include: The United Nations; Pacific Settlements of Dispute in International Law; The International Court of Justice; The Concept of Territory; The Bakassi Dispute; Settlement of the Dispute; Enforcement of the Judgement; The Consequences of the Judgement; The Use of Force in International Law.


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