Practical Approach to Civil and Criminal Litigation in Nigeria


This is the second edition of the book. The initial publication was in 2010 and the first edition was published in 2013 as sole author. The major innovations and updates reviewed in this edition include the updated of the High Court of Lagos State (Civil Procedure) Rules 2019, High Court of Federal Capital Territory (Civil Procedure) Rules 2018, Borno State High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules 2019, Oyo State High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules 2010, Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) particularly with respect to issues of procedures and jurisdiction. It also captured the recent Court of Appeal Rules 2021 Administration of Criminal Justice Law of Lagos States (ACJL) 2021 and Police Act 2020 on the administration of criminal Justice in the state. Other updates treated are as contained in the Federal High Court Rules, National Industrial Court Rules, Sharia Court of Appeal Rules of states and Customary Court of Appeal of the FCT which the authors have discusses in different chapters of the book.


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