Nigerian Energy and Natural Resources Law


This book, ‘Nigerian Energy and Natural Resources Law- Notes & Materials’ is a collection of learned articles published in peer-reviewed journals within and outside Nigeria by the author. It covers selected essays on the subject of Energy Resources Law, Minerals and Mineral Law, International Environmental Law, International Sustainable Development Law, International Climate Change Law and other topics in related subjects. It specifically addresses the needs of all categories of researchers and interested professionals alike as well as graduate and undergraduate students in law, business and other disciplines, especially those who had expressed concerns on inability to access most of the author’s foreign and local publications.

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The book is a also collection of vital, scholarly and professional views that have been critically expressed and could be adopted into legal arguments and submissions in legal briefs and opinion writings on the subjects. It is a resource base that offers reader-friendly, non-technical interpretations of the theoretical, regulatory and legal frameworks on issues bordering on the broad subject of energy and natural resources law, practice and governance.


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