Law of Tort


This book discussed in detail all aspects of tort. Chapter one covers the general introduction which encompasses the meaning and purpose of tort; the Rule in Smith v Selwyn; comparison of tort with other laws; reception of tort; principles of liability in tort; and general defences in tort. The remaining fourteen chapters cover topics like: Trespass to Person-Assault, Battery & False Imprisonment; Trespass to Chattels, Conversion and Detinue; Trespass to Land; Tort of Negligence; Vicarious Liability; Malicious Prosecution; Defamation; Nuisance; Strict Liability-The Rule in Rylands v Fletcher; Occupier’s Liability; Liability for Animals; Tort of Deceit; Economic Torts of Passing Off, Conspiracy, Injurious Falsehood, & Interference with Contract.

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The book takes cognizance of the varied backgrounds of possible readers. For this reason, it is written in a simple, self-reading and easily comprehensible language, using maximum legal terms expressed in a less convoluted manner for ease of understanding. The benefit of this approach is that readers, including non-lawyers, will find the book interesting and rewarding. It is therefore aimed at a wide readership of industrialists, business executives, journalists, jurists, legal practitioners, scholars and students.


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