Introduction to Equity and Trusts in Nigeria


Equity and Trusts is a compulsory course in Nigerian Universities, and in this wise, the National University Commission (NUC) categorised it as a core course that must be passed by law students. It interlocks with the Nigerian Land Law which is another compulsory law course in Nigerian Universities. Equity & Trusts is a subject which is interesting but yet, a challenging one. In this sense, it has attracted to itself, the reputation of being a testing and difficult subject. As such, most students often approach it with fear and trepidation. Against this background, the authors approached the subject in a simple and lucid manner and with great brevity necessary for a proper understanding of the subject by students, law teachers, as well as other practitioners of law. The book has 20 chapters which covers series of topics as prescribed by the NUC Minimum Benchmark for Nigerian Universities. The book is divided into two parts with the first part covering the Principles of Equity while the second part focuses on the Law of Trusts.


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