Human Rights on Gender, Sex and The Law in Nigeria


Gender and the law is now a strong component of jurisprudence in Nigeria. This book provides insights into understanding human rights as women’s rights, whilst providing legal analyses on the law pertaining to women’s rights, and exploring case law that have paved the way in transforming women’s status in society. Most importantly, this book showcases what reforms are needed for effecting changes for eliminating discrimination towards women¬¬ and integrating positive action by legal reforms.

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The essence of a study on gender and human rights law helps us to expose the ‘wrongs’ that women experience in order to assist policy makers in critical analytic revision of the law, and seeking practical solutions for analytical debates for gender reform. It is pertinent to state that women’s’ rights in Nigeria simply refers to whether women are treated as being equal to men. Despite the remarkable progress made for gender equality in Nigeria, women still face sexual violence, discrimination, and formal barriers to access equal participation in Nigeria. Accordingly, gender equality has not yet been achieved. The central theme of this book is to advocate that gender equality should be a human right. In many ways, this study curiously scrutinises areas for gender empowerment through reforms in the law, education, health, social work and government policies.


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