Human Rights Legal Protection of Children in Nigeria


This book has been conceptualized on the rights on the child. The rights of the child has been cloaked under the broad rights of adults, notwithstanding the unique individual rights of children. The crux of the book is to illustrate that children have the same quantum of rights as adults, in other words children’s rights are human rights as well as ‘special rights, ‘otherwise known as child specific provisions.  What is observed from our study is that the ‘best interest of the child’, is a consistent principle throughout the chapters of the book. Of course the best interest of the child cannot be discoursed in isolation. The obligations of parents, guardians and caretakers as care givers and duty bearers are important variables in the responsibility of upholding the interests of the child. Thus child welfare has to be situated as the core conception in policy making on children’s needs and quality of life.

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The book is useful for students, legal practitioners and members of the Bench seeking to solve latent and salient on the complexities of child’s rights. The structure of the book is culled from the Childs Rights Act [2003].


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