Essays on Nigerian Electricity Law


This book is a collection of articles on the various issues or aspects of electricity law and regulation in Nigeria. It covers various peer-reviewed articles on the subject such as: “The Pathway to Energy Liberation in Nigeria: Lessons for Namibia”; “Manitoba Hydro and Electricity Undertakings In Developing Countries: The Case of Nigeria”; “Regulation of the Captive Power Generation and Rural Electrification”; “Implications and Challenges of a Privatized Power Sector In Nigeria: Perspectives to Host Community Concerns”; “Comparative Appraisal of Renewable Energy Laws and Policies” (2014); “Challenges and Developments in the Nigerian Power Industry”; “Compulsory Purchase as an Alternative to Revocation of Title to Land for Electricity Purpose in Nigeria”; “Beyond Power Sector Reforms: The Need for Decentralised Energy Options (‘DEOPs’) for Electricity Governance in Nigeria”; “Electricity Regulation and the Protection of Rights of Electricity Consumers In Nigeria: Revisiting Amadi Vs. Essein; “Prospects and Challenges of Expert Determination and Other Dispute Resolutions Mechanism of the Nigerian Electricity Sector” and other essays on the subject of electricity law and regulation.

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