Enforcement of Fundamental Rights in Nigeria


This book is targeted at Legal Practitioners and Students of Constitutional Law who desire in-depth knowledge of the format and Procedure for enforcement of fundamental rights in Nigeria.  The book illustrates clearly the extent of jurisdiction of courts in fundamental rights cases and the format and procedure for enforcing such rights. The book started by giving a philosophical background to the origin of the rights and then proceeded to a detailed chapter on the scope of the rights and their limitations. Thereafter the book dwelt mostly on the procedure for the enforcement of the rights and the jurisdiction of courts in such matters. The mine fields in core practice of enforcing fundamental rights are clearly highlighted and discussed with supporting case law and statutory provisions. The provisions of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights are equally highlighted in this work and detailed description of their mode of enforcement also limned. This book will be particularly useful for Law Scholars who desire to file, argue or defend human rights applications in Court.

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