Basic Concept in Legal Research Methodology


This book gives a practical guide on writing excellent Master’s and doctoral theses in law faculties in Nigerian universities. It is designed to help a researcher through the research process right from the very beginning of choosing a research topic to the point of submission and eventual defence of dissertations or theses. It also provides guidance to postgraduate supervisors in their supervisory roles so as to manage the process better. The book is helpful to supervisors in improving their supervisory skills and quality by giving some tips on how to effectively supervise thereby strengthening supervisor-student relationship. The book is invaluable to postgraduate students, their supervisors and examiners. Given the brevity and clarity of style used, the book is a priceless companion to every researcher. The book has interesting eleven chapters covering every aspects of research. It advanced on the first edition by introducing additional chapters on the basic types of research methods, the psycho-social aspects of the higher degree process as well as ethical issues. You are lucky to have this book, open it and start your research journey devoid of hassles, pains or tears.

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