Anatomy of Personnel Management


This book is mostly written and presented as a comprehensive guide to thorough understanding of personnel management both as a discipline and profes¬sion. The central unifying objective has been the intention to establish a focal link between concepts and application rather than laying exceptional emphasis on theoretical formalism. There is a general belief that any effort designed to evolve a pedagogical practice in management should firstly develop and reinforce the essential ideas of personnel management through text book writing. The intention therefore is to sustain student interest in the course, build on their background and appeal on their common sense. The entire body of the book serves as a valuable reference text for discussion of these ideas and each of the important ideas is explained in terms of its contribution to the development of human capital asset. The approach to the writing both in terms of pattern and arrangement provides a new method of studying personnel management. The theoretical advances in the field of personnel management and the changes created by recalcitrant internal dynamics of business organisations urgently require the need to consistently develop a wonderful anatomy on personnel management.

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