About Princeton Publishers

Princeton & Associates Publishing Company Ltd. was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in 1999 as a Publishing, Printing and Marketing Company, and has since been incorporated as a Limited Liability Company with registration No. RC 1104015.

The company is engaged primarily in general publishing, printing and marketing of books. Our administrative and marketing office is at No. 9, Ezekiel Street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos. While our Printing Press is at Abule-Oko, Magboro, Off Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Lagos.

We print text books Periodicals Typeset manuscripts Magazines Graphic Designs Programmes for events Journals, Calendars, Plate Making Postals & Handbills Creasing/Laminating Services

Our Vision

Our vision is to add a unique and remakable value to education, increasing the standard of learning, encouraging the reading habit among scholars and to promote authorship of books for use of all institutions of learning as well as for general use for pleasure and education in its widest possible means.

Our Mission

With an irrevocable commitment to indigenous and international books development, anchored in the conviction that books build the nation, Princeton & Associates Publishing Company Ltd. has its mission the development and publishing of vibrant indigenous books for educational development. We adopt a holistic approach to ensure that all components of the chain – the author, the publisher, the lecturer, the librarian, the booksellers and students function efficiently.

To achieve our vision and mission, we employ the best and competent professionals from the editorial room, through the printing and finishing floor, and on to the marketing section. We have highly competent dynamic and determined marketers and salesmen who at all time setting a target of meeting Princeton predetermined goals. Princeton & Associates Publishing Company Ltd. will ensure that every book it publishes will be placed in every major bookshop, educational and professional institutions throughout the country.

We publish and market a wide range of educational and professional books e.g. Law, Management, Literature, Art and Science textbooks.

No book published by Princeton & Associates Company Ltd. will gather dust in its storage shelves. We deliver on our promises.

Our Objective

Our objective is to excel in our chosen areas of business interest and operations by guaranteeing the highest quality in production, prompt delivery at the most affordable product prices to the customer, value added educational materials, using the most advance technologies to satisfy the demand of our clients who are lecturers, legal practitioners, teachers, students and the general public bearing in the mind that book production/sales transits or continue to exist many years after the generation of the author and copyright owners.

Our Strength

We are well positioned to deliver on our promises made, we have the means, man power, modify structure and stamina with a strong capital base to deliver quality service and output. Well trained and fortify authors, editors, managers, highly competent and motivated personnel plus a strong network of powerful contracts around the country. We are sure of satisfying all your needs towards good quality of educational material.

Core Value

Integrity is our watchword.

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